Veterinary Physiology of Circulatory system

Veterinary Physiology of circulatory system includes- muscles, conduction system, membrane and action potential, cardiac cycle and output, sounds, volumes, blood pressure, control of blood pressure and vessels, shock and regional circulation etc.

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  1. Heart and cardiac muscles
  2. Conduction system of heart
  3. Basic mechanism of membrane potential
  4. Properties of myocardium
  5. Cardiac cycle
  6. Pressure and volume changes in atrium and ventricle
  7. Cardiac sounds
  8. Stroke volume
  9. Cardiac Output
  10. Intrinsic Regulation of heart
  11. Extrinsic Regulation of Heart
  12. Metabolism and energetics of working myocardial cells
  13. Coronary circulation
  14. Vasodilator chemicals and hormones
  15. Electrocardiography or ECG
  16. Echocardiography
  17. Pulse
  18. Hemodynamics and Distribution of blood in the systemic circulation
  19. Blood Flow and Velocity
  20. Blood Pressure
  21. Control of Blood Vessels
  22. Adjustment of circulation during exercise
  23. Shock
  24. Regional Circulation