General Veterinary Pharmacology

Veterinary General Pharmacology includes history, scope, branches and related terms, sources of different drugs, route of administration, biological membrane, pharmacokinetics and dynamics of drug, receptors structure, dose response curve, and adverse effects of drugs.

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  1. History of Pharmacology
  2. Scope and Branches
  3. Pharmacology related terms
  4. Drugs related terms
  5. Drug Indications
  6. Drug Contraindications
  7. Drug Interactions
  8. Group of Drugs
  9. Drug Preparations
  10. Natural Sources of drugs
  11. Route of Drug administration in animals
  12. Structure of biological membranes in animals
  13. Passage of drug across biological membrane
  14. Pharmacokinetics of drugs
  15. Pharmacodynamics of drugs
  16. Receptors
  17. Dose response curve
  18. Toxicity of Drugs
  19. Factors that affect drug action
  20. Adverse effects of drugs
  21. Drug discovery and clinical trials
  22. Biopharmaceuticals and gene therapy