Veterinary Physiology

Veterinary physiology (VPY) deals with the investigation of animal systems and the functioning of these biological systems. It includes these headings-

Physiology of Blood features, functions, RBC, WBC, Abnormalities of blood, blood coagulation, hemolysis, blood groups and blood volumes

Physiology of circulatory system includes- muscles, conduction system, membrane and action potential, cardiac cycle and output, sounds, volumes, blood pressure, control of blood pressure and vessels, shock and regional circulation etc.

Veterinary excretory system – blood supply and innervations of Kidney, JG apparatus, nephrons, formation, absorption and secretion of urine, terminologies of urinary system, counter current mechanism, acid base balance and body fluids.

Physiology of Nervous system includes- neurons, supporting cells, properties and classification of nerve fiber, membrane potential, stimulus, synapse, receptors, CNS and PNS and their parts, vision and hearing organs

Physiology of muscular system include muscle fibers, sarcoplasm and myofibrils, excitability and contraction of muscle, NM junction, motor end plate, sliding mechanism, muscle fatigue and rigor mortis, work done by muscle

Physiology of Digestive system include mastication, deglutition, parts of gut, saliva, nerve supply, motility of gut, vomiting, fermentation, gastric secretion, bile, and avian digestion

Physiology of respiratory system include respiratory structures, volumes and capacities of lungs, gas laws, artificial respiration, gas exchange, ventilation, Hering-breuer reflex, transport of gases, acid-base balance, and avian respiration

Veterinary Physiology of Endocrine system include basics, features and classification of hormones, mechanism of action of hormone and different endocrine glands which secrete different types of hormone

Veterinary Physiology of Reproductive System include male and female reproductive tract, primary and accessory glands, fertilization, pregnancy diagnosis, parturition, lactation, recognition, biosynthesis of milk by mammary glands and estrus cycle