Introduction and basics of vascular system, structure and chambers of heart, Pericardium, Neuromyocardium, pulmonary and systemic circulation, common carotid artery and brachial artery, venous system and lymphatic system, lymph nodes.

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  1. Introduction
  2. Blood Vascular System
  3. Structure of Heart
  4. Pericardium
  5. Chambers of Heart
  6. Heart of Horse, Dog and Fowl
  7. Skeletal structure of heart
  8. Neuromyocardium – Conduction system of heart
  9. Pulmonary and systemic circulation
  10. Common carotid artery and it’s branches
  11. Brachial arteries
  12. Branches of Abdominal aorta
  13. Terminal Branches of aorta
  14. Arterial distribution in Horse
  15. Arterial distribution in Dog
  16. Venous system
  17. Lymphatic System
  18. Lymph Nodes