Systemic Veterinary Pharmacology

Veterinary General Pharmacology includes gastro intestinal and cardiac pharmacology, purgatives and laxatives, antidiarrheal, rumen pharmacology, antiarrhythmic drugs, vasodilators, antihypertensive drugs, hematinic, coagulants, anticoagulants, respiratory, decongestants, anti-tussive, bronchodilators, diuretics, urogenital system, metabolic hormones, reproductive and skin pharmacology.

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Cardiovascular Pharmacology-

  1. Drugs for heart patients
  2. Myocardial Stimulants
  3. Antiarrhythmic drugs
  4. Antihypertensive Drugs
  5. Vasodilators
  6. Vasoconstrictor
  7. Hematinics
  8. Coagulants
  9. Anticoagulant drugs

Urinary Pharmacology-

  1. Diuretics
  2. Urine acidifiers
  3. Urine Alkalizers
  4. Ecbolics and Tocolytics
  5. Fluid therapy

Gastro-intestinal Pharmacology-

  1. Sialics and Anti-sialic drugs
  2. Anti ulcer drugs
  3. Appetite stimulants
  4. Emetics
  5. Antiemetics